Parish Service Committee

There are times in our lives when we need to know that someone will be there to walk beside us in life's jour­ney. The Parish Service Committee reaches out to members and friends of the congregation who, for a vari­ety of reasons, may desire personal support. Members of the committee reach out during these times as the institutional embodiment of the pas­toral ministry of the church. We bring with us compassion, care, a listening ear, and resources made available by the congregation.

Working with the minister, members of the Committee are networked with a wide variety of members and friends of the congregation who are dedicated to offering support:

  • When you are dealing with an illness or health concern
  • Through the different stages of your life such as job loss, di­vorce, a move, the arrival of a child, or retirement  
  • In time of loss or death within your family or circle of friends
  • In times of personal crisis 
  • By providing transportation, meals or a sympathetic ear

The ministry of the Committee is one of outreach. Members of the Team will reach out to members and friends of our congregation as they perceive a need. However, you may also contact the minister at (508) 853-1942 and re­quest a visit or phone call. 

The Committee works collaboratively with the minister and meets regularly to coordinate their efforts. Confidentiality is part of the Committee's covenant and a prerequisite for membership on the Committee.

We are a caring committee of a com­passionate congregation.


Parish Service Committee Survey

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist Parish Service in its variety of ministries.  To take the survey online, please click here.  To download a copy of the survey and send it to the church click here.

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