Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee is a hospitality ministry of the congregation which greets members and friends at Worship, follows up with newcomers who have questions or request information, provides introductory experiences to the congregation and the UU movement, and maintains contact with all members and active participants in the congregation to encourage ongoing and deepening involvement in the congregation and one’s own personal faith journey.

We Welcome You and Invite You to Join a Unique Community

At UUCW we welcome your participation and hope you will want to join our community. While there are no formal tests for becoming a member of this church, there are a few steps you might consider.


  • Get to know us by attending worship services, fellowship events, classes and other programs. Enroll your children in our Religious Education program.
  • Visit the Member Services information table in Fellowship Hall after services to pick up brochures, find out about denominational affairs, receive our newsletter, and request a name tag. Chat with members of the Member Services Committee.
  • Complete a shared ministry form so you can more easily and appropriately share your gifts with the church.
  • Attend a New-UU class to meet other newcomers and learn about Unitarian Universalist history and principles, our ministry programs and the responsibilities and benefits of membership.
  • Set up an appointment with the minister.
  • Sign the Membership Book.
  • Discuss with us the amount of financial support you expect to be able to give the church.

Why Join?

  • Joining the church is a formal sign of commitment to our community. With it goes an agreement of both service and financial support, as you are able, to our community. You will also receive a subscription to UU World magazine.
  • Joining means lending your energy and talents to grow our young people, care for our elders, fight for our beliefs and passions, laugh together, cry together, and mark our transitions together.
  • Joining buoys and strengthens the community—and that means each and every member—and lets us each know that we share a common bond.
  • Being a member of UUCW also allows you to vote on concerns vital to our church community. This includes approval of how we spend our money, leadership in this community, and important structural and institutional questions.


If you are interested in joining, please speak to the minister or the chair of the Member Services Committee:

Deb Selkow (508) 422-7488

Rev. Aaron Payson (508) 853-1942